"We will not just take you to the required three mile minimum, we proudly take our families to blue water for the most beautiful sea burial possible.  We are also the only sea burial company that does not use our boat for commercial fishing, because we believe families deserve better."   
                                                                                                                                                                                          Captain Harry 


As a licensed United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner, Harry has navigated the open seas for over twenty-four years and is ready to continue his service to our community.  His license authorizes the transport of six paying individuals up to one hundred miles offshore. 

In 2012, he honorably retired from the Houston Police Department having spent over thirty-two years serving the public, including providing funeral escorts for various funeral homes throughout the Houston area.  He is currently a licensed State of Texas Peace Officer. 

Harry fully understands the importance of maintaining professionalism, dignity and compassion when assisting those who have suffered the tremendous loss of a loved one.  He is ready to assist families by offering his experience, professionalism and compassion during the sea burial service.  Let the "Good Guys" provide this very special and personal service for your family and loved one. 

What to expect:

Families desiring a sea burial (ash scattering) will meet at the Freeport Marina, 101 W. Brazos St. Freeport, TX 77541, at a specified date and time.  Up to six family members can attend the ceremony at sea and should come prepared for a short (approximately two hours) round trip into the Gulf of Mexico.  Depending on sea and weather conditions, the ceremony will be approximately 3 to 15 nautical miles South/Southeast of Freeport, Texas, where the vessel is docked. Sunscreen and hats are recommended as well as motion sickness medication and light comfortable clothing.  Families are welcome to bring food, drinks, towels and hats in order to make the journey more enjoyable.  All United States Coast Guard approved safety gear and equipment is provided and a brief safety meeting will be held with instructions for a safe and enjoyable trip prior to departure.   It is recommended to have at least two dates for the burial in order to alter plans last minute due to weather and sea conditions.   Typically, one week apart is best as the seas change daily. 

Once underway, and weather permitting, everyone aboard will be free to move about the vessel to videotape and photograph the event. Upon arrival, the coordinates (latitude/longitude) will be noted by the captain who will later present a certificate of exact location for future visits to the burial site. The family is free to conduct a private ceremony and lay flowers or a wreath (bio-degradable) at the site.  The boat has USB connections (iPhone or iPod) for your choice of music.  It is highly recommended families consider the use of a bio-degradable urn for loved ones since it makes for a more peaceful last journey and gives the family more opportunity to take photos/video and have those last minutes with the loved one.  After completion of the burial, the vessel will return to port.


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